Intuitively Build Complex Courses

At Curator, we think technology should be a bridge, not a roadblock. Our course builder is designed with zero coding required. Combine multiple media types to build complex, engaging courses with just your mouse.
If you’ve already gotten started with another program, making the switch is simple. Curator Educate allows the seamless import of courses created with different builders, so you can continue designing your course without any hiccups.
Course Creation

Seamlessly Combine a Wealth of Resources

Our product offers you the ability to build flexible learning modules with a wide variety of media.
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Upload images or use image links.

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Create a text document or import a text file.

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Group Discussion

Include an external group discussion source.

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Upload or link audio for enhanced auditory learning.

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Create questions, tests, and assessments.

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Upload or link to animations to drive your message home.

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Upload word documents or PDFs to supplement your course.

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Include a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation.

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Insert learning content built in common e-learning formats.

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Live Meeting

Integrate with Zoom to include live meetings.

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Upload your own video or link from a website like YouTube.



Build a vertically scrolling page with multiple pieces of content.

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Create adaptive, branches, and personalized learning pathways based on previous responses.

Content Experts at Curator

Collaborate with Subject Matter Experts for Content Recommendations

Curator Educate hires instructional designers and coaches just for you! Curator believes that teachers should spend their time doing what they do best, which is teaching in the classroom. Let our team find the standards aligned resources you request and take the extra time for you.

Lastly, Deploy Courses With a Click

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