Corporate Learning

Corporate Learning

We help companies save time and increase productivity in designing, building, and launching learning activities and courses.

Why choose the Elearis solution?

The Elearis solution uniquely enables subject matter experts to create, manage, share, and publish content to any Learning Management System (LMS). Users visually organize and plan courses with drag-and-drop functionality, ensuring that none of your organization’s precious learning assets are lost in the retelling.

  • Simple user interface for creating, arranging, and delivering online content
  • Seamless integration with all major LMS platforms
  • Ability to make real-time changes to existing courses and materials
  • Reusability of entire courses and individual learning content
  • Custom online web and mobile app design
  • Learning content is accessible to unlimited number of learners online and offline via the Elearis apps
  • Secure cloud-powered solutions backed by AWS
  • Robust data analysis and content metrics for learning objects
  • Technical Support and Training available

Embrace the needs of the modern learner

The Elearis platform slashes the amount of time spent by instructional design teams in developing each hour of learning instruction. This allows organizations to create and deliver highly relevant learning opportunities that emphasize productivity and deliver learning on demand and just-in-time.

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