Simple Content Storage and Organization

No more sifting through files on your computer trying to find the correct one for a module. With Curator Educate, you’ll be able to organize your and store your content in our platform by media type. All of your files will be in our cloud library for future use, so you can quickly and easily build courses on the go. Our content tagging system allows both you and your students to quickly find relevant content by searching a specific tag.
Content Libraries Cropped
Content Libraries Cropped

Customizable Indexes for your School’s Scope and Sequence

Our philosophy is to make teachers’, educators’ and administrators’ lives easier. With our organizational library, Curator can build a filtering system based on the standards set for your school. Curriculum directors, in conjunction with our own instructional designers, will build and upload content based on this system and modality so teachers have easy access to build standards based courses.

Organizational Content, Standards Aligned Content and Data Tracking

Track what contact is being used in the classroom and how it is performing. Your curriculum, standards aligned content and educators personalized content are all tracked in our platform to see what students find engaging, what helps them learn the content and what needs to be changed. We make sure there are different modality suggestions for each lesson to reach learners in their learning styles, creating more engaging lessons that are tracked to your curriculum.
Curator Track Progress

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