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Higher Education

Intuitive course solutions that let educators focus on what they do best: engaging students, imparting their expertise, and facilitating higher-level learning.

Why choose the Elearis Solution?

Elearis uniquely enables educators to create, manage, share, and publish content to any Learning Management System (LMS). Its intuitive interface lets educators visually organize and plan lessons and courses with drag-and-drop functionality. In addition, its built-in cloud-based content repository provides a centralized hub for each user’s learning assets, facilitating open collaboration and sharing among fellow instructors.

  • Simple user interface for creating, arranging, and delivering online content
  • Seamless integration with all major LMS platforms
  • Ability to make real-time changes to existing courses and materials
  • Reusability of entire courses and individual learning content
  • Custom online web and mobile app design
  • Learning content is accessible to unlimited number of learners online and offline via the Elearis apps
  • Secure cloud-powered solutions backed by AWS
  • Robust data analysis and content metrics for learning objects
  • Technical Support and Training available

What can the Real Time Cases Solution do?

Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders with Today’s Challenges

The Real Time Cases application offers a bridge between learners and the vibrant real world of business. Our content delivers engaging, video-based modules that let students confront real challenges - never contrived or simulated - facing some of today’s most relevant companies.

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The Experiential Learning Process:

  • Experience: Students hear directly from business leaders outlining the unresolved issues for which they seek recommendations.
  • Reflect: Students consider company and industry background information and data, while instructors leverage guided discussion topics, theories, and major considerations that are ideal for reflection.
  • Conceptualize: Learners are encouraged to innovate within a safe, controlled environment.
  • Explore: All Real Time Cases include a variety of practical assignments designed to bring the learning experience to life.

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