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Education and learning have changed; the tools you use have not. Learn how Curator Educate can help educators like you broaden your students’ horizons by integrating multiple kinds of media to engage all learning types.

Engage With Your Learners on Your Terms — and Theirs

Learning no longer happens just at a computer. As we grow more and more connected, students are looking to consume content from their phones and tablets. Curator gives you the flexibility to engage your students on their terms.
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Curator Analytics

flexible Features for improved course creation

Take back control over your content with Curator’s flexible, user-friendly content implementation system. Curator empowers you to share your knowledge in complex courses or simple modules. Content creation and deployment are all in your hands.
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User-Friendly Builder

Build course flows and custom modules on a simple timeline — no coding knowledge required.

Instructors Publishing Control

Full Publishing Control

Monitor students' progress and manage pacing by controlling exactly when each module of your course goes live.

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Global Edits

Create global changes in one place and update your course across all systems and deployments.

Instructors Content Library

Content Library

Store the files for your courses in a cloud-based library for ease of access.

Instructors Student Feedback

Learner Interaction

Create exams and choose when to make them available for students in order to receive student feedback.

Instructors Tech Support

Technical Support

Our help center and support team are always ready to help.

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