Elearis Solution

Our mission is to enable anyone responsible for helping others acquire knowledge to be the superhero they were meant to be.

The Elearis solution uniquely enables educators and subject matter experts to create, curate, share, and launch content by cutting the typical course development time in half. Users visually organize and plan lessons with drag-and-drop “Learning Card” technology, featuring the widest range of prebuilt Learning Objects available.

Elearis also features a built-in cloud repository that offers a centralized hub for real-time updates to learning assets, and for no additional cost, peer-to-peer collaboration.

When ready to launch, Elearis provides seamless integration with all major Learning Management Systems, allowing users to embed their content directly within the LMS. Users may also publish via web browser and downloadable apps.

Elearis requires zero programming, enabling educators to focus entirely on delivering the best, most timely, and engaging learning experiences they can imagine.

  • Simple user interface for creating, arranging, and delivering online content
  • Seamless integration with all major LMS platforms
  • Ability to make real-time changes to existing courses and materials
  • Reusability of entire courses and individual learning content
  • Custom online web and mobile app design
  • Learning content is accessible to unlimited number of learners online and offline via the Elearis apps
  • Secure cloud-powered solutions backed by AWS
  • Robust data analysis and content metrics for learning objects
  • Technical Support and Training available

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