School and District-Wide Curriculum Visibility

Track content performance and use of individual content pieces to improve curriculum usage within your school and district.

Build Customizable Courses with required Curricular materials for Educators

Each classroom and educator is different. Administrators need to be able to support their teachers with engaging standards-aligned resources. With Curator Educate, you will be able to:
Content Libraries Cropped
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Your Scope and Sequence, Your Standards

We know organizing content year after year can be time consuming. Let us help you with your organization!
Company User Friendly Builder

User-Friendly Builder

Build course flows and custom modules on a simple timeline — no coding knowledge required.

Company Content Storage

Content Organization

Store relevant training assets in Curator's cloud-based library for easy access down the line.

Company Multiple Authors

Multiple Authors

Add multiple users to your Curator account with different editing permissions to allow collaboration on courses.

Company Global Edits

Global Edits

Create global changes in one place and update your course across all systems and deployments.

Company Integrations

LMS Integration

Integrate Curator seamlessly with your current LMS; deploy and make edits all in one place.

Company Tech Support

Technical Support

Our help center and support team are always ready to help.

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